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McCoy Updates Brand Image / Website

McCoy has launched a new website with a new brand image, while emphasizing its loyalty to a tradition of customer service. McCoy assures its customers that the company’s fifty year commitment to manufacturing, repairing and supplying machinery parts will remain a basis for doing business into the future.

McCoy celebrates a 2016 transfer of ownership by refreshing its logo and online presence. With an updated symbol and website, Kevin Ahlstrom and his professional team introduce themselves to existing and new customers in the textiles industry as an American supplier of machinery and creel/tension devices. Expanding service to furnish equipment for the production of composites, McCoy is excited about the upcoming trade shows where they will roll out their new image.

Keeping up with the ever changing needs and evolving technologies of the industries they serve is the message. Proudly displaying the American Flag, McCoy’s new website and trade show graphics will announce their position as the only surviving domestic producer of warp preparation equipment for the textiles industry.

Looking to the future, McCoy is excited about sharing more details about its brand story, and how they continually evolve to meet growing needs of their customers.