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2016 Announcement of Ahlstrom as owner of McCoy

In an interview with E-Textile communcations at the 2016 IFAI Expo, Kevin Ahlstrom announced that he would become owner of the McCoy Machinery Company. Continuing the commitment to service established by the former owners, Kevin’s team is dedicated to carrying on the McCoy legacy as global producers of weaving preparation, knitting preparation and yarn management via creels and tension devices. Kevin also talks about their relationship with the composites industry. They are making driven systems and unrolling creels for direct weaving from creels for carbon composites.

Holding true to their roots and boasting that they are the ‘last man standing’ as domestic manufacturers of warp preparation equipment, Kevin believes that the success of the company hinges on the longstanding relationships and commitment to service first established by the company founders more than fifty years ago.